The Next Generation of K-9 Pioneers

We first began our new frontier in raising Autism Service Dogs in 2009, when our son’s Charles’ A.S.D Black Pearl’s Black Daffodil (aka Narcissa or The K-9 Pioneer) was born into our 1st litter between our foundation female, Fish’s Sable Nyghte Arastaya (aka Kacy), and our foundation stud dog, Blue-Eyed Cowboy X.  This mating consistantly produces litters with about 50% of the puppies having temperments desirable for Service Dog work with young developmentally disabled children and also with adults who have autism.  We would have liked to use Narcissa for breeding service dog puppies, but had to have her spayed due to an auto accident that broke her pelvis.  Since then we’ve kept several of her sisters (litter sister, Kindled Flame, aka Kindlelyn, and younger full-sister, Shiny Bauble, Shiny for short) who have similar dispositions and also one of her nieces, SweetPea, out of her elder 1/2 sister, (Cashmere & Silk aka Sasha, who is no longer with us.)

The newest K-9 Pioneers (pups w/ pontential to help a special needs child) were born early this morning to our youngest mama dog, Shiny.  This is a litter of 5 puppies: 1 blue merle female, 1 red merle female, 1 pale (diluted) red tri-color female w/ a white blaze, 1 pale (diluted) red tri-color male (less white than his sister) and 1 blue-grey (diluted black) tri-colored male. The dilute color modifying gene pops up sometimes in bloodlines that carry the “harlequin” and “tweed” merle pattern modification genes, both of which are carried by Shiny’s mother Kacy (who has produced pups and grandpups of both patterns) and this litter’s sire who is himself a harlequin merle.  In coloration, this is one of the most unique litters we’ve had born and we can’t wait until their little individual personalities begin showing around a month of age.

Pictured is Black Pearl’s Shiny Bauble as a youngster and second picture is of Shiny’s 1st litter of babies. 2 males and 3 females.

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