We Welcome You to the Modern Pioneer Family Blog

Welcome to the Modern Pioneer Family!  We cordially invite you to follow our blog about pioneering in a modern age and join in with your questions, comments and discussions on various pioneering and homesteading topics.

We’d love to take a moment to intorduce ourselves to yous  My name is Rebecca Hunter (aka Modern Pioneer Ma), I am the wife of Robert and mother of Charles, Henry and Anna.  I am a knitter, gardener, baker, soapmaker, goat farmer, dog breeder and service dog trainer among my many “titles”.   My husband Robert (aka Modern Pioneer Pa) is a Mill Manager at Hubbard Feeds, Inc. in Huron SD and a part-time goat/cattle/sheep/veggie farmer.   We are part of that funny generation who learned farming from our farming grandparents on weekends and school vacations and grew up in towns, then went off to college to get degrees in FARMING, which our parents and neighbers thought was kind of weird.

After college, we moved several times for Robert’s job.  Moves which took us from Kansas to Idaho, Idaho to West Texas, from Texas back to Kansas and our modern covered wagon… a Suburu Station Wagon… has finally come to rest on the prairielands of Central-Eastern South Dakota… just 40 or so miles from where my all-time favorite author, Laura Ingalls Wilder, once resided in DeSmet, SD.

As life would have it, we attend church in DeSmet at St. Stephen’s Espiscopal Church… the Church originally built by Charles Ingalls and his good neighbors in the 1880’s, with our own beloved Fr. George Parmenter, preaching the place where Laura Ingalls Wilder’s own beloved minister, Rev. Alden once stood.

Moving to South Dakota nearly 7 years ago with then 2 year old Charles and 10 day old Henry with a station wagon, an old pickup & horse trailer (filled with 9 dairy goats and a chest freezer of frozen meat and veggies), a black lab and an Australian Shepherd… with our household goods following in a semi truck (compliments of hubby’s employer) … we flash forward to today, where we are raising the newest generation of Pioneers… our 2 young Farmer Boys, Charles (8 yrs) and Henry (6 yrs), and the Littlest Pioneer Girl, Anna (6 months).

We should also introduce you to another pioneer in our family… our beloved K-9 Pioneer, Narcissa. Narcissa is a pioneer because her K-9 career is on a new frontier for dogs!  Working with children who have developmental disabilities.  Our oldest Farmer Boy, Charles was born with Autism in July of 2003.  Narcissa is his A.S.D (Autism Service Dog) and beloved companion.


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